A Little Snippet

This book has gotten really good! I just felt like sharing this little snippet and maybe it’ll pique your interest enough to check the book out

Image credit: Goodreads.com

‎”Oberon was trying to silence Titania, but she would have none of it, turning her anger on him as well as Mab. “And I’d say any contracts they made are officially broken now. This will probably mean war.”
“War?” Something cold touched my cheek, and I glanced up to see snowflakes swirling in a lightning-riddled sky. It was eerily beautiful, and I shivered. “What will happen then?”
Ash stepped closer. His fingers came up to brush the hair from my face, sending an electric shock through me from my spine to my toes. His cool breath tickled my ear as he leaned in.
“I’ll kill you,” he whispered, and walked away, joining his brothers at the table. He did not look back.
I touched the place where his fingers had brushed my skin, giddy and terrified at the same time.”

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