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A Good Synopsis

I think I’ve finally got a good synopsis for my book. Now if anyone asks me what its about I can just tell them this. Hopefully it’s intriguing enough because I didn’t want to say too much.

My name is Alice Heatherly. After moving around my whole life I was looking forward to a fresh start when I applied for my first year of university. I thought I could put down roots and make friends. Instead I found Dawson and my whole world was turned upside down in an instant. After being attacked by a shadow with red eyes I started to doubt my sanity. It turns out everything I thought I knew about the world was wrong and now I’ve dug myself so deep into this mess I might not make it out alive.


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A Trilogy?

I seriously just mentioned the words “Book three”… I am currently facing these two problems:

1) I want to quit my job and write this story

2) One does not simply quit their job and start writing.

I really think this book is worth publishing. So far everyone who has read what I’ve written up to this point has really liked the story. I know my strong point is definitely my dialogue. And when my brother (who reads Stephen King books) tells me he read the first 17 chapters in one sitting because he couldn’t put it down, I know it has to be some kind of good. I also had someone tell me yesterday that I end my chapters really well so it keeps the pages turning to the next chapter. As a writer, this is a HUGE compliment to me! Especially as a fan of Dean Koontz, who I don’t think I could ever be compared too on that kind of level of awesome, but his chapters are so amazing that I’m proud people also think that about my book.

So, I’ll go to work tomorrow and for the next 4 days, work my 10hr shifts, grumble a whole bunch and do what I do, which is come home and write until my husband drags me to bed because I’ve fallen asleep at my desk again. And then once I’ve finished book 1 I am going to find myself an editor, or an agent and I’m going to bug them until they read my book and sign me. I will go to school in September, work my ass off so I can declare my Major in Creative Writing and my Minor in Journalism and Publishing and I’m going to get this story published. I’m going to do it!!


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My Life Would Suck Without You

So, I pretty much found the perfect song to describe Alice and Dawson. I’ve been tossing around the idea of giving them a song for a little while now but didn’t know any appropriate songs. So as luck would have it, I was on YouTube looking for inspiration in whatever music I could find and I stumbled upon this song. The moment I heard the lyrics I thought my god, this song was made for them. Everything in here is so perfectly fit to their ridiculous, fun and dysfunctional relationship, but its true that life would suck without the other!

[Verse 1:]
Guess this means you’re sorry
You’re standing at my door
Guess this means you take back
All you said before
Like how much you wanted
Anyone but me
Said you’d never come back
But here you are again

‘Cause we belong together now
Forever united here somehow
Yeah you got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you

[Verse 2:]
Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight
I know that I’ve got issues
But you’re pretty messed up too
Either way I found out
I’m nothing without you

‘Cause we belong together now
Forever united here somehow
Yeah you got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you

Being with you is so dysfunctional
I really shouldn’t miss you
But I can’t let you go
Oh Yeah

‘Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow
Yeah you got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you

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Bedroom Scenes

Ok, so, I’m pretty sure my novel is going to remain in the YA category, so I don’t plan on having a super descriptive erotic scene, but I have neared the end of my book where shits about to go down and my main character is feeling pretty emotional. I have reached the “bedroom scene” and I’m having trouble writing it. Not because I can’t think of anything, but because I hold the knowledge that once I’m done, I will post it on my google doc and my parents will go read it. I can’t be the only one who is bothered by stuff like this. I know sex happens, I was born, I am married and I have plenty of friends who have kids or are expecting. But I’ve always been super private about my love life.

Maybe it was my upbringing, but I think I’m old fashioned in the sense that bedroom stuff stays behind closed doors. I’m not even a big fan of PDA’s and its very rare that I will kiss my husband in public, not because I don’t love him, but because it’s no ones business. Except when you’re writing a story it becomes everyone’s business. All those intimate sexy things that roll around in your head and all those really special intimate times you shared, or you read, they are all there on the paper. I still blush when I read intimate scenes in other books, whether its sex or a really good kiss, I feel like I’m intruding on their moment. I realise its a fictional story with fictional characters, and maybe I’m just REALLY weird, but I can’t help it.

I know my mom probably wouldn’t be so bothered by it, because she’s sent me some pretty steamy book recommendations, but the knowledge that my father is going to read that and then think of me writing that is… well, its embarrassing and it makes me feel self-conscious. This whole book I have been able to separate Alice from my life, Alice has written this whole book up to this point and she’s done a fantastic job. I need to get back into Alice’s head space and just write. I need to forget about everyone who might read it, and find that place. If I was my main character what would I do, what would I think, I need to be her so I can react like her. My new mantra should be What Would Alice Do? 🙂


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I Joined the Twitterverse

I literally have 1 tweet so far, but I’m hoping it’ll be a good way to just tweet random thoughts throughout the day about my writing. Or I suppose I could also post about other things, or is that tweet? I have this bad habit of constantly saying “I just twittered”… Not my proudest moments. But to anyone who is interested please give me a follow. Here’s to random thoughts and getting my book out there. I think it will be fun to tweet random one liners from my book too.

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To Publish or Not to Publish…

So, I’ve been getting some good feedback on my book from friends and family and I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I plan on trying to publish. Most of the time I just tried to avoid the question, I don’t know much about the publishing industry so it was easier to ignore it. What I do know is to expect lots of rejection, and sometimes meaningless drivel like 50 shades of grey somehow make the cut. I’m really insecure about my writing, and this is my first book, and I’ve never written anything like a story before, mostly I write about books, or a poem, maybe a song. So this whole extended story business is new to me. The thought of publishing my book gives me warm fuzzy feelings, but I just don’t know if its good enough.

So being the super insecure person I am, I decided it would be smart to look up some publishing stuff. *Cough*sarcasm*cough. This was a bad idea on so many levels. I ended up having a huge freak out session with my husband about how I was never going to get published because I couldn’t afford to go to writing conferences and no agent would ever take me on with my list of non-existent credentials. After he finally calmed me down I felt really hopeless. When I started writing this book, I really didn’t expect it to go anywhere, but somewhere along the way I started thinking “Hey, maybe writing really IS my destiny.” I started hoping that school in September would be the start of my true calling and the end of my current miserable existence stuck in a job that I loathe.

But it doesn’t seem to matter how many people say “Oh my god, I couldn’t put the book down.” or even my brother who said he read the first 17 chapters in one sitting because and is now bugging me for the rest of the book, I still don’t feel confident. And then I read an article that’s like “You need to really ask yourself, is your book good enough, is it worth someone putting all that effort and money into getting it published for you.” and I doubt myself. I got so lost in this story that I fell in love with these characters I had created. This book feels like my child and when you bring your child out into society you don’t want people to point and laugh, or say “Hey, your baby is really ugly.” I’m still saying “I don’t think its good enough”  but is that because I really think that, or am I just scared of rejection? 


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Reaching Novel Territory

That’s right! This morning I surpassed 40,000 words. I’m currently sitting at 78 pages of story, which seems pretty surreal to me. I’ve had to start editing every 2-3 chapters now, since the whole thing takes me too long to read through. I remember when I struggled to hit 17,500 words to bring me into the average Novella length, and now I’ve actually hit small novel length. This isn’t going to be a long post, since I’m half way through Chapter 17, but I just thought I’d update you on my exciting news! I am officially writing a novel!! Who’da thunk it, eh? This time last year I was struggling so bad with my anxiety that I could barely go to a crowded restaurant, and now I’m thinking about publishing a book. It just goes to show that you really can do whatever you want. Even if this never gets published, at least I can share it with my family and friends and I can cherish it as a huge accomplishment. No matter what happens I can never regret this. I will always remember this moment and be proud of myself!


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I guess I’ve been busy

So my life has been mostly ignored since starting this book, and I think my blog has also been somewhat neglected. I try and post every few days but I’m starting to think of anything that takes me away from my book as a hinderance hahaha. To say I’m obsessed is probably an understatement. This week is the first in two weeks that I actually went out with some girlfriends and we went for Poutine! It wa sooooo good!! If you’ve never had Poutine you need to visit Canada for some. All that gravy and cheese curds on french fries is enough to make your mouth water. I added smoked meat to mine, it was like heaven. But it was tons of fun! I can’t even remember the last time I had a strictly girls night, no boys allowed, and we wandered around downtown for hours, went for coffee after the poutine and just chatted.

Everyone is starting to grow up, and its weird. Our one friend just got engaged, so we were busy chatting about wedding plans and dresses, I got to tell them about my book and I even mentioned my blog, but refused to tell them the name of it. I know its not googlable even if they search my name, I checked, so they would need the actual name of the blog, unless they had hours upon hours of time. But anyways, we also talked about reading, what books we were currently into, job hunting, since two of my friends are in the market after finishing school. Sometimes its just nice to catch up, and we decided to make our poutine nights a monthly gig, there are a lot of poutine places around here, so we are going to tackle them all 😀

I started Chapter 15 last night before bed. It seems weird to think its been just under 3 weeks and I have almost finished a book. I thought my husband was crazy when he showed me this website that is writing a book in a month, but I guess it can be done! Life is about to get busier once March hits so I want to at least finish book one by then. I’ve got enough notes to start book 2 at a later date. I hope all is well with my fellow bloggers in the writing world! Have a great weekend!


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Attack! Maegan introduced.

So I wrote the first big action scene in my book yesterday and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited! I had been plotting this big fight scene for awhile (and by awhile I mean something like 24 hours), so when I finally sat down to write it I had so many ideas!! I worked really hard on my descriptions and wanted to make sure that whoever was reading it could picture everything that was happening. There’s nothing better than getting immersed in a good action sequence. Whether book or movie, you gotta be on the edge of your seat. My chapter ended up being so long that I had to split it into two, with the major action happening in one chapter, and then all the clean up and after math continuing in the next chapter. This KIND OF threw off my chapter progression a bit, but you just have to work around the timeline a bit sometimes.

I also introduced my last character, for now at least. She had been previously mentioned, but I’m hoping to get to know her a bit better now that I can bring her into the front lines of my story. She seems like a bit of a bitch, but I guess I’ll find out who she really is as I write her. I’m excited to continue writing chapter 10, so I’m not going to make this post too long, but I thought I’d share a little blurb, because I’m proud of how it turned out.

We circled each other, carefully watching for any sudden movement. I had to make an offensive move if I was going to turn the tables. Gathering another whirlwind I lunged at Iyeka. She went to slash at me but I slid between her legs at the last moment. I turned and released my gust, hitting her right shoulder. I heard a loud crack and she cried out. She spun around, her eyes blazing; she was out for revenge. She came at me but I didn’t have time to get up. Her claws raked my left side, shredding my shirt as I rolled and got to my feet.
I took a few steps back and hit something. Looking up I saw Lorzen staring down at me; my eyes widened in surprise.
“As fun as this is, we really need to be going,” he said, grabbing my wrists.”


P.S. I noticed my chapter descriptions look like Sailor Moon episode titles, and this made me giggle.

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Book 2??

You know how people say “Everything happens for a reason”? Well I’ve developed this philosophy that goes like “There’s a reason why everything happens”. It sounds similar, but its not. Let me tell you about the last 24hrs and maybe you can see what I mean.

Yesterday I was having a really hard time writing the second half of chapter 8 in my book, and I was getting so frustrated. I knew what I wanted to happen but I just couldn’t find the words to describe it! I tried writing some stuff at work, but when I re-read it later I was like “this is shit” and scrapped most of it. I was up until 1:50am trying to write this one scene. I did succeed!! And I’m really happy with how it turned out but I only got 3.5hrs of sleep before I had to wake up for work today. Normally I will take public transit because its easier, especially during the week when traffic is bad, and I’ll read, but today I was feeling so tired and lazy I decided to drive. It is Sunday and the streets are usually empty so it’s not bad.

During my drive I was thinking of my book, shocker, since my whole life seems to be this book right now. And I got this burst of inspiration! I was so excited to write everything down that I actually got to work 20min early and started typing furiously away at my computer. My inner writer was cackling gleefully as I was writing out all this plot for the end of my book. As a writer I think it’s fantastic, but as a reader I’m like “son of a bitch, Alice, your a douche-nozzle if you end your book on a cliffhanger like that”.

And then something happened! I started plotting out book 2!! I had so much plot I didn’t think I could fit it all into 1 book!! I have started building a whole world and I want to show it off. I want to write about it and explore it! I was jumping in my seat all morning because of how I excited I am!! I mean I haven’t even finished book 1 yet, hahaha! So here’s where my philosophy comes in.

Because I had such bad writers block I was up late last night writing, which prompted me to drive, which got me thinking of my book. There is a reason why everything happens! If I hadn’t drove I never would have been thinking about story and plot! So yay!! I just had to share my exciting news with you because I really can’t contain my glee!! Although the cackling got a little scary 😉


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