The Iron Daughter – Julie Kagawa

If you haven’t decided to check this series out, I’m telling you right now, GO READ The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa! I’m only on book 2 out of 4, so I can’t really say how it’ll end, but so far I have not been disappointed one bit!

The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2) “Kiss me,” I whispered, and saw his eyebrows arc in surprise. “Just once more,” I pleaded, “And I promise it will be the last time. I’ll be able to forget you after that,” a bald-faced lie.
He hesitated, unsure, and I tried to make my tone light. “Last time, I swear.” I met his gaze and tried for a smile.
Ash still wavered, looking torn. His eyes flicked to the door, and for a moment I thought he would walk away, leaving me to shrivel into a mortified heap. But then he let out a quiet sigh, and his shoulders slumped in resignation.
Meeting my gaze, he took one step forward, drew me into his arms and brushed his lips to mine.
I think our last kiss was meant to be quick and chaste, but after the first touch of his lips fire leaped up and roared through my belly. My fingers yanked him close, digging into his back, and his arms crushed me to him as if wanting to meld us together. I knotted my fingers in his hair and bit down on his bottom lip, making him groan. His lips parted, and my tongue swept in to dance with his. There was nothing sweet or gentle in our last kiss; it was filled with sorrow and desperation, of the bitter knowledge that we could’ve had something perfect, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Seriously, if that doesn’t get the blood boiling, I don’t know what will!! So much gushing over Ash right now!! ❤

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