Writing a Book

I know this is probably redundant, but writing a book is frikkin’ hard! After writing the first two chapters in 2 days I spent the next 3 editing and rewriting stuff. I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my dialogue, so even the teaser’s I’ve posted have been altered in some way. The past two days I’ve been struggling with 2 things. What is Dawson? And where is this going? When I started writing last week, I just wrote, but after 2 chapters I realized my story actually needed to go somewhere. I don’t know how it’s like for most author’s, but I didn’t have everything laid out and planned in advance. I’m learning about my characters as I write them. It’s fascinating but it’s also challenging.

I had to work all weekend at my regular job and I felt so annoyed because this question kept plaguing me, what is Dawson? So yesterday, even though I was at work, I researched. I spent the last 4 hours at my desk on google searching anything I could think of, name generators, name meanings, random character generators, because even though I know my story is following a basic plot for its genre, I wanted my ideas to be creative and at least somewhat original. And I think I’ve come up with something!

This is an exciting prospect for me! Even though pretty much everything I found was not what I was looking for in my book, it got my brain thinking in the right direction. I was able to lay out all my characters, find names for them, give them a 2 word description, physical attributes and right before my eyes they were no longer writing on paper but a character concept. I even had a basic premise for my story and a mini-storyboard going on. I started writing chapter 3 last night but eventually had to go to bed since I work again today. If I thought I was excited about my story before, it’s nothing compared to my excitement now! Look forward to more excerpts because I’m excited to share my story and my characters with you!


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