Book 2??

You know how people say “Everything happens for a reason”? Well I’ve developed this philosophy that goes like “There’s a reason why everything happens”. It sounds similar, but its not. Let me tell you about the last 24hrs and maybe you can see what I mean.

Yesterday I was having a really hard time writing the second half of chapter 8 in my book, and I was getting so frustrated. I knew what I wanted to happen but I just couldn’t find the words to describe it! I tried writing some stuff at work, but when I re-read it later I was like “this is shit” and scrapped most of it. I was up until 1:50am trying to write this one scene. I did succeed!! And I’m really happy with how it turned out but I only got 3.5hrs of sleep before I had to wake up for work today. Normally I will take public transit because its easier, especially during the week when traffic is bad, and I’ll read, but today I was feeling so tired and lazy I decided to drive. It is Sunday and the streets are usually empty so it’s not bad.

During my drive I was thinking of my book, shocker, since my whole life seems to be this book right now. And I got this burst of inspiration! I was so excited to write everything down that I actually got to work 20min early and started typing furiously away at my computer. My inner writer was cackling gleefully as I was writing out all this plot for the end of my book. As a writer I think it’s fantastic, but as a reader I’m like “son of a bitch, Alice, your a douche-nozzle if you end your book on a cliffhanger like that”.

And then something happened! I started plotting out book 2!! I had so much plot I didn’t think I could fit it all into 1 book!! I have started building a whole world and I want to show it off. I want to write about it and explore it! I was jumping in my seat all morning because of how I excited I am!! I mean I haven’t even finished book 1 yet, hahaha! So here’s where my philosophy comes in.

Because I had such bad writers block I was up late last night writing, which prompted me to drive, which got me thinking of my book. There is a reason why everything happens! If I hadn’t drove I never would have been thinking about story and plot! So yay!! I just had to share my exciting news with you because I really can’t contain my glee!! Although the cackling got a little scary 😉


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6 thoughts on “Book 2??

  1. Bursts of inspiration are the absolute best. The only bad part is that we always tend to get them at inappropriate times — e.g., driving in the car with no way to write ideas down; sitting in class; in the middle of a meeting, etc. If only inspiration could be scheduled!!!

    • So true! I find I get inspiration a lot in the mornings, even on the way to work when I’m walking I’ll be trying to type stuff on my phone as reminders for later! It would be way too convenient to add “inspiration” in the day planner at 5pm 😉

      • I’ve been thinking for a while of getting a voice recorder and bringing it with me on walks. And possibly finding a water proof recorder and putting it in the shower. All my best ideas seem to come to me in the shower. I enact epic bits of dialogue and then promptly forget them the second the water stops running.

      • haha, I can’t even tell you how many times that’s happened to me!! I’ll reenact a whole skit and as soon as I sit at a computer its like it never existed! A voice recorder seems like a good idea though. Maybe I should carry one around in my purse…

  2. “Douche-nozzle.” Best. Phrase. Ever. So glad you found that spark again and began typing away! 🙂

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