Attack! Maegan introduced.

So I wrote the first big action scene in my book yesterday and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited! I had been plotting this big fight scene for awhile (and by awhile I mean something like 24 hours), so when I finally sat down to write it I had so many ideas!! I worked really hard on my descriptions and wanted to make sure that whoever was reading it could picture everything that was happening. There’s nothing better than getting immersed in a good action sequence. Whether book or movie, you gotta be on the edge of your seat. My chapter ended up being so long that I had to split it into two, with the major action happening in one chapter, and then all the clean up and after math continuing in the next chapter. This KIND OF threw off my chapter progression a bit, but you just have to work around the timeline a bit sometimes.

I also introduced my last character, for now at least. She had been previously mentioned, but I’m hoping to get to know her a bit better now that I can bring her into the front lines of my story. She seems like a bit of a bitch, but I guess I’ll find out who she really is as I write her. I’m excited to continue writing chapter 10, so I’m not going to make this post too long, but I thought I’d share a little blurb, because I’m proud of how it turned out.

We circled each other, carefully watching for any sudden movement. I had to make an offensive move if I was going to turn the tables. Gathering another whirlwind I lunged at Iyeka. She went to slash at me but I slid between her legs at the last moment. I turned and released my gust, hitting her right shoulder. I heard a loud crack and she cried out. She spun around, her eyes blazing; she was out for revenge. She came at me but I didn’t have time to get up. Her claws raked my left side, shredding my shirt as I rolled and got to my feet.
I took a few steps back and hit something. Looking up I saw Lorzen staring down at me; my eyes widened in surprise.
“As fun as this is, we really need to be going,” he said, grabbing my wrists.”


P.S. I noticed my chapter descriptions look like Sailor Moon episode titles, and this made me giggle.

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