I guess I’ve been busy

So my life has been mostly ignored since starting this book, and I think my blog has also been somewhat neglected. I try and post every few days but I’m starting to think of anything that takes me away from my book as a hinderance hahaha. To say I’m obsessed is probably an understatement. This week is the first in two weeks that I actually went out with some girlfriends and we went for Poutine! It wa sooooo good!! If you’ve never had Poutine you need to visit Canada for some. All that gravy and cheese curds on french fries is enough to make your mouth water. I added smoked meat to mine, it was like heaven. But it was tons of fun! I can’t even remember the last time I had a strictly girls night, no boys allowed, and we wandered around downtown for hours, went for coffee after the poutine and just chatted.

Everyone is starting to grow up, and its weird. Our one friend just got engaged, so we were busy chatting about wedding plans and dresses, I got to tell them about my book and I even mentioned my blog, but refused to tell them the name of it. I know its not googlable even if they search my name, I checked, so they would need the actual name of the blog, unless they had hours upon hours of time. But anyways, we also talked about reading, what books we were currently into, job hunting, since two of my friends are in the market after finishing school. Sometimes its just nice to catch up, and we decided to make our poutine nights a monthly gig, there are a lot of poutine places around here, so we are going to tackle them all 😀

I started Chapter 15 last night before bed. It seems weird to think its been just under 3 weeks and I have almost finished a book. I thought my husband was crazy when he showed me this website that is writing a book in a month, but I guess it can be done! Life is about to get busier once March hits so I want to at least finish book one by then. I’ve got enough notes to start book 2 at a later date. I hope all is well with my fellow bloggers in the writing world! Have a great weekend!


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