A Trilogy?

I seriously just mentioned the words “Book three”… I am currently facing these two problems:

1) I want to quit my job and write this story

2) One does not simply quit their job and start writing.

I really think this book is worth publishing. So far everyone who has read what I’ve written up to this point has really liked the story. I know my strong point is definitely my dialogue. And when my brother (who reads Stephen King books) tells me he read the first 17 chapters in one sitting because he couldn’t put it down, I know it has to be some kind of good. I also had someone tell me yesterday that I end my chapters really well so it keeps the pages turning to the next chapter. As a writer, this is a HUGE compliment to me! Especially as a fan of Dean Koontz, who I don’t think I could ever be compared too on that kind of level of awesome, but his chapters are so amazing that I’m proud people also think that about my book.

So, I’ll go to work tomorrow and for the next 4 days, work my 10hr shifts, grumble a whole bunch and do what I do, which is come home and write until my husband drags me to bed because I’ve fallen asleep at my desk again. And then once I’ve finished book 1 I am going to find myself an editor, or an agent and I’m going to bug them until they read my book and sign me. I will go to school in September, work my ass off so I can declare my Major in Creative Writing and my Minor in Journalism and Publishing and I’m going to get this story published. I’m going to do it!!


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