Draft #3 & Book 2

It’s out in the world! Because I can’t be printing tons of copies I had to give my brother my copy so I no longer have a manuscript to obsessively edit anymore. This is good and bad. I’ve been editing to improve book 1, but also to avoid book 2. The thing about book 2 is it has to be better than book 1, or just as good and that feels like a lot of pressure. I’m also switching it up a bit and I’ll be writing from different POV’s and different characters in book 2 because of how book 1 ended. This is great for my readers because they will get to understand a bit about a certain character, but it also is really difficult for me because I’m no longer switching between two people. I found it hard enough to switch between me and Alice, but now I have to switch between me and 3 other characters. I need to get inside their heads. And no matter how much I’ve planned the story, that still doesn’t help me get into the head space of a specific character.

I have started chapter 2 because it’s Alice, and Alice is easier to write after book 1, I know her. I’m familiar with her reactions and her sentiments and her language, but Chapter 1 doesn’t start with Alice it starts with Dawson and even though I always had glimpses of Dawson’s mind in book 1, I never had a true understanding of him. His language is different, his whole demeanor and the way he feels vs the way he presents himself is different from Alice and nothing like how she interprets his actions. I know I can’t avoid it forever, but I feel like it’s going to take time to get into Dawson’s head and I honestly haven’t had time to sit down and really get into his character. I need to soul search Dawson and it’s going to take more than an hour after work to do it. Hell, sometimes it would take me half a day just to get inside Alice’s head.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. I ACTUALLY have a day off tomorrow so I’m hoping I can spend the day trying to get into Dawson’s head so I can really start book 2. I’m SO excited with where I have the story going. I just wrote out a whole bunch more plot concerning The Council that I’m super stoked about! I’ve got around 3 pages of outline and quickly jotted down scenes for book 2, I just need to sort it all and start writing!!


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