The Becoming – Chapter 1 (Part 1)

It’s been a really long time since I posted anything in this section but I’ve honestly been so busy editing and changing stuff it seemed a little pointless. Even the older scenes I’ve posted have changed quite a bit in my actual book. Since I’m looking for feedback I don’t see any issues with posting more writing here, so I’m going to share the first half of chapter 1. If people like it, I’ll post the second half in a separate post, since it is quite long. I’d say stuff really starts to get interesting in chapter 3, but this is your first introduction to the main characters and I want to know if they are likable. So without furthur ado, please enjoy the first 1,476 words of my book 😛 And remember, this is still only a draft.


Chapter 1

Today is the day I moved out. Even though this had been planned for months mom still cried. You would think she would try and put on a strong face, I mean, I’m the one moving to a strange city where I know, literally, no one. Adrian was the only one who kept me sane during the six hour car ride. I have this bad habit of stressing out a lot and my brother has this special talent of making you laugh even in the worst situations. Saying goodbye was tough but I’m the one who decided school in a different state would be good. It’s not like I had tons of friends to say goodbye to anyway. With my dad working all over the country we never lived anywhere very long, and after awhile I gave up making friends. The countless goodbyes got too painful. When I was applying to university I thought new city, new life and hopefully new friends and adventure.
My apartment wasn’t small, but it wasn’t very big either. An L-shaped kitchen opened up into a nice sized living room. I had my desk set up in the left corner with the couch separating that space from the rest of the living room and my recliner chair set up diagonally and across from the couch. My bedroom was to the right of the living room. I was grateful it was a decent size, comfortably fitting my queen size bed and my dresser. The bathroom was to the left of my room and had a Jack and Jill entrance; I could pretend I had a nice ensuite at least.
Looking around at my new living room I assessed the damage. How did I fit an apartments worth of boxes in my old bedroom? Adrian was nice enough to help put my bed together and build my two bookshelves, but I was on my own with the rest.
“Well Sparky,” I said to my stuffed dog, as I walked around the living room, “Looks like it’s just you and me now.”
Sparky stared back at me with empty eyes. Mental note, talking to stuffed animals probably isn’t the healthiest thing. I checked my watch, and figured I should probably find dinner. A real grocery shop could wait until tomorrow since nothing was unpacked to cook with anyway.

Waiting for the elevator was a process and I could hear yelling down the hall.
“Welcome to the city,” I muttered to myself.
I had a feeling I’d be walking a lot of stairs when the elevator finally decided to show up. It took me three tries before I finally got the brass bars open. As I was about to step on I noticed a door open halfway down the hall and someone yelling as they walked out.
“You know what Maegan? Screw you! I don’t need this shit anymore.”
A voice from inside the apartment called back.
“That’s not what you said last night, Dawson!” I saw something fly through the doorway and hit the wall with a thud. Figuring that was my queue to leave, I stepped on the elevator and started my struggle to get the door closed. I had it about halfway when a hand shot out and stopped me.
“Jesus Christ, you scared the hell out of me,” I said surprised.
Angry eyes met mine as I looked up. Oh shit, this guy was pissed. I took a step back so he could get through the door before he knocked me over.
“First floor?” I managed to squeak out.
“That would be the one,” he said disdainfully.
As we rode the elevator down eight floors, I put a whole new name to awkward silences. I glanced over out of the corner of my eye and was taken aback. How had I not noticed how gorgeous this guy was? Tall, probably six feet at least, with curly dark hair that almost covered his eyes. He had a straight nose that led to full lips and a strong jaw line. His head turned and violet eyes bore into me. Holy mother, if looks could kill. Thankfully the elevator dinged. In one fell swoop he wrenched the door open and stalked off, slamming the front door on his way out. That was… strange. I’ve never seen eyes like that before.
I wandered around for a half hour before I found “Kat’s Kitchen”, which boasted “the finest home cooked meals around”. Since this was the first restaurant that didn’t look like it harbored an underground gambling ring, not that I would actually know what that looked like, I decided to check it out. The door rang as I opened it and a middle aged woman walked out from the back of the restaurant.
“Hey Sugar, just sit wherever you like,” she said.
I grabbed a take-out menu and sat down on one of the stools at the counter. I noticed the lady’s nametag said “Kat”. Looking around, the place was pretty small. A few tables and some stools around the counter. The walls were a nice taupe with turquoise accent and there were a couple paintings hanging around the room. It kind of gave the place a homey feel.
“You new around here?” Kat said in what sounded like a southern drawl.
“Yeah, how could you tell?” I chuckled.
“In a town like this you learn how to spot the fresh faces,” she winked. “Know what you want?”
I decided to go with Kat’s chicken pot pie, fully loaded with mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. As I left the restaurant I noticed it was starting to get dark so I picked up my pace. I’m not paranoid, but this neighborhood did not look as friendly as it did during the day.

There was no way I was waiting for that elevator, I was famished. As I came through the stairwell door I was out of breath. Who needs a Stairmaster when you have to walk eight flights of stairs to your apartment? I could hear more yelling as I started down the hall. It seemed like that guy had come back while I was out.
“I can’t believe you waited this long to tell me,” He hollered, “Do you know what this means?”
“I’m not a fucking retard, of course I know what it means!” She still sounded pissed.
“Just let me in so we can talk about this,” he said, “You’re gonna wake up the whole goddamn complex.”
It seemed like that was the wrong thing to say because I saw something whiz by again. He ducked at the last second and it shattered against the wall. Was that a plate?
“Oh my god, can’t you just calm down for three fucking seconds?” he growled.
This is just great, totally not awkward to walk by. I better not get hit in the head by some rogue projectile. Dawson was standing in the doorway. I walked as quietly as I could down the hall and around the mess of broken glass but I couldn’t help my curiosity and peeked into the apartment. It was a mess. It looked like Maegan had taken it upon herself to throw everything that wasn’t strapped down. She was a bombshell. Shoulder length blonde hair, long legs and piercing blue eyes. Even seething, she looked hot. As I tried to creep past unnoticed I peered up and saw Dawson looking at me.
“Do you mind?” he said, cocking an eyebrow.
At first I didn’t recognize the look in his eyes, but as I stared up at him it dawned on me. He was patronizing me. Heat flushed my cheeks.
“You don’t have to be such a dick,” I said and bolted the rest of the way down the hall. I could hear Maegan shrieking in the background but I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. As I stepped into my apartment I looked back down the hall and saw Dawson staring at me. He was smirking.
Safely back in my apartment I found the box that said kitchen utensils and grabbed a plate. I don’t know if it was because I was so hungry, but I’m pretty sure that was the best chicken pot pie I ever tasted. As I put my dishes in the sink I could still hear yelling and banging from down the hall. That chick sure had a set of lungs. It was still a little early for bed so I decided to start unpacking the kitchen boxes. I was about halfway through when I started to yawn. Deciding it had been a long day I got ready for bed and snuggled in with Sparky. I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, wondering what my first week at university would be like and glad I had time to unpack before it.

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