Updated Book Synopsis

I re-vamped my books description. I think this one gives just enough to peak interest, without being spoilerish. Please leave me feedback on what you think and if this is a book that would interest you!

“My name is Alice Heatherly. After moving around my whole life I was looking forward to a fresh start when I applied for my first year of university. I thought I could put down roots and make friends. Instead I found Dawson and with one word, Ignea, my whole life was thrown into an ancient battle between two warring realms. The ones who consume worlds and the ones trying to defend them. After being attacked by a shadow with red eyes I start to doubt my sanity and when my whole existence comes into question I’m faced with a decision I don’t have an answer to. When the only person I can trust is pitted against the very forces he works for I can’t be sure I’ll make it out of this alive.”


P.S. I joined Tumblr!  http://xali-katx.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to check it out and follow. Still working out the kinks, so hopefully it’ll be a lot more visually appealing in the next few days 😀

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7 thoughts on “Updated Book Synopsis

  1. This sounds good! I would totally read it! xo

  2. Very interesting! I assume from the description that your book is written in first person? It’s good as is, but have you tried writing the synopsis from 3rd Person POV? Sometimes switching up POV gives unexpectedly awesome results. Something like …

    After spending her whole life moving around, Alice Heatherly is looking forward to a fresh start in university. She wants nothing more than to put down some roots and make friends, but then she meets Dawson. With one word from him — Ignea — her whole life is upended. After being attacked by a red-eyed shadow and thrown into an ancient battle between two warring realms — one who consume worlds, and one trying to defend them — Alice begins to doubt her own sanity. Her one salvation is Dawson, the only person she can trust. But then she discovers he is fighting against the very forces he works for …

    Etc. etc. I’m terrible at ending synopses. But you get the picture 🙂 Food for thought!

    • oh my gosh!! Your third person synopsis is so much better!! I LOVE the way it sounds so much more dramatic!! I will not verbatum steal it but permission to use part of it please!! I am totally going to go back and try and write another synopsis from a third person perspective to compare, I wrote it from first person because I have a really hard time writing in third person POV (It’s something that I’ve been trying to get better at recently). Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate your input!

      • Not a problem at all 😀 Steal away! My only request is that you remember me when you’re rich and famous and looking for someone to donate your excess millions too.

    • Hahahaha if I EVER make money from writing it will be the happiest moment of my life! Will a money order suffice? 😀

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