Major Restructuring

My editing process has hit a new level as I’ve started to hear back from people. I’ve deemed it the “Under severe re-construction” level. Since adding one scene and re-writing another in chapter 25, I have re-written my first paragraph of Chapter 1. I added a bit more detail and split it into two paragraphs so you get a better understanding of Alice and the whole ‘moving out’ transition. I have also added a scene in Chapter 6 I’m actually feeling pretty excited about. I’m just in the process of editing out the kinks and moving some of the dialogue around, since even though Alice is stressed out, I need to keep her witticism alive! One thing I like about Alice is that she can crack a joke about anything, even tough things, it’s like her defense mechanism. If you can’t change it, you might as well just make fun of it 😛 or something like that.

So anyways, if it’s a little quite around the blog this is why. Hearing back from people makes me think I can make my book even better than what it was. Once I can solidify the first 3 chapters I am hoping to post them for download so people can read them. I figure even if the book might not be out for a little while I can at least work out THREE chapters 🙂 In the meantime you can follow my mini-updates through Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully chat soon with more exciting news!


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