Update, Chp 1-3 preview

Over the past week I’ve been working really hard to get the first 3 chapters completed! I know I’m really close!! For the first time I have read through everything and not changed a single thing!! I have now sent my 3 completed chapters out for review to 4 people, to garner opinions on completeness. If all goes well I’m hoping to have them posted somewhere public so that people can actually read a preview of my book! This is a seriously exciting concept for me! Yes I feel nervous that people will be able to read and judge, but I certainly didn’t write the thing for it to sit on my shelf and collect dust. I will be moving on to chapters 4-6 this week. Since the book is so long I’m finding it much easier to edit in 3 chapter chunks. I will try and keep my posts to once a week during this time.

Between trying to keep up with people who don’t live on a computer screen, working full time and editing this book my blogger life has really been suffering. I miss coming on here and writing. When I get to the tough stuff I might post a bit more out of pure frustration (sometimes its just hard to find the words). I will let you know as soon as my preview is available though. I think the only thing greater than loving your characters, is when other people also love your characters, lol. I want to make characters that you can love, and that you care about. Characters that, when something good or bad happens, you legitimately feel something for them, whether its happy, sad or angry, I want to be able to evoke that kind of emotion with my writing!

So I’m excited and I hope you’re excited too! Someone needs to be excited with me!!


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