On Uprooting Ones Life in Pursuit of a Dream

As previously mentioned, I moved to a new city this summer. In fact, I’m still in the process of moving, but I think the end is finally in sight!! The new apartment is still a mess of unbuilt furniture and boxes to be sorted through, but the old apartment is well on it way to being an empty shell, ready to be vacuumed and scrubbed for the next inhabitants. I have one month of work left before I am 100% moved and ready to start school in pursuit of something bigger.

This experience has been both stressful and exciting. Sometimes I was ready to call it quits and I seriously wondered if this was the right thing that I was doing. I mean, I asked my husband to move his whole life all because I wanted to take a chance at maybe someday making it as an author. I really believe going to school will help with that, not only with becoming a better writer, but learning about language and exploring the world of writing, journalism and publishing in all its various forms.

There are so many paths in the writing world, I hardly even know which one I like best, or if I even have a favourite. I know I’m writing a book series right now, but who’s to say I won’t fall in love with script writing. I mean, I’ve always thought how amazing it would be to write for a favourite tv show, or do a movie script. Hell, I even contemplated writing a script for my book!! I think it would be good practice! And what about journalism? Do you know how many avenues exist in the world of journalism? You can write about any topic!

I’m really hoping school will give me a chance to explore my options, as well as improve and grow as a person and a writer. Because writing is truly what I love, and even if I don’t make thousands of dollars doing it, if I can make enough to pay the bills that would be enough for me! What could be better than waking up every morning and going to a job you love, because in reality, something you love seldom ever feels like actual work. So moving has been an experience, and one I wish not to repeat many times in life.

I hope to be around a bit more during the month of August, but I won’t make too many promises. I still have a lot to accomplish before I’m off work, but I’ll try and post an update at least. And I still remember that I did promise you pictures of the new apartment. I would post some now, but I’m afraid there really are boxes everywhere! Ciao for now


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