Well, I’ve been pretty busy with school but I’m working hard! The nice thing about going to school for writing is a lot of my homework is writing and creative expression through words. Here’s a piece I handed in, hope you enjoy it!

She clutches the tiny piece of metal in her hand and presses it down into that pale cushion, senses hyperaware of the sticky substance slithering through every part of her body. With a quick swipe she watches small pockets of red pool at the surface of this peach landscape. Such a tiny scratch, yet it stings and her attention is momentarily focused on this moment. Her breathing becomes shallow and salty tears mix with her life force as it drips into the metal tub beneath her. That little sharp edge glides across a second time and a new stream mixes with the sanguine fluid already flowing down the drain. The tension inside her releases slowly, the aching pain a faint memory apart from her pounding heart that tells her she is still alive, trapped in this miserable existence. A whimper escapes tender lips, now raw where the skin has been torn by her teeth. This fragile world lay in pieces at her feet and she is left breathing, that red substance confirmation of the life within her… but her insides are turned to ash.

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