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That moment of success

I must apologize for my recent silence, with end of term coming up I’ve been more than a little busy and this week will be no different. I have my last project looming a week away and it is worth 40% of my final grade. I seem to emphasize that to pretty much everyone I know, but that’s almost half my grade in the class. This project will basically make or break my final grade and I’d like it to be a good grade. But that’s not why I’m here writing this, this post is dedicated to my NaNoWriMo success! Yes, that is correct, I made it to 50,000 words!! In fact I’m currently sitting at 56,730 right now! I don’t know if I’ll make 60,000 words by the end of November since I only have 2 more scenes to write for this first draft, but there’s some extra scenes I want to add in that will bring me over 60,000 words for sure during my first round of edits.

So, what is it like to write a whole novel in 30 days, besides exhausting and temporarily damaging to your brain function. It feels amazing! It’s bragging rights and this huge accomplishment that hangs over your head; it’s proving to yourself that if you actually sit down and write every day, even if its just 500-1,000 words, you can end up with a whole novel on the other end of it. Most of all it’s proven to myself that even on my worst days when I didn’t think I could write anything I was able to force out at least 500 words. There was only one day that I wrote less and I think that was due to actual life being busy. So, my goal is almost reached, I’ll definitely have an ending by Friday and then it will be December. And do I have plans for December, but I can tell you all about that later!

I’ll post at least once more this week to let everyone know what my final word count ends up at. It’s no 67,000 word first draft like Book 1 (which was written in 39 days no less) but I’m still extremely proud of myself. Now I just need to find an agent and a publisher and I’ll be set 😀


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Beat Down But Not Destroyed

The hardest part of writing for a grade, is trying to stay true to who you are as a writer and not just writing whatever will get you the highest grade. I’ve never been a conformist, in fact I hate it. Every time someone told me I had to be a certain way I would go out and do the exact opposite on purpose and well… that’s probably why I spent 10 of my 12 school years being bullied. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my writing is the same. To tell me I have to follow a set of guidelines laying out what makes my writing good or bad doesn’t really sit well with me.

When I write something I write it because it means something to me. In that sense I take writing very seriously and everything I write, I write with my whole heart. When I write, I want people to FEEL the words on the page; I want them to say, hey, that girl writes with passion. I want that expression of myself to translate over onto the page. I already suck at talking, so if I can’t even write properly, what do I have? Honestly, what am I left with?

So, here it is, laid out on the page, I failed. I handed in my assignment and I didn’t make the minimum grade. Sure, I probably could have sat down and followed exactly what they told me and received a good grade but then, what does that say about myself as a writer? Sure, you have to write what other people want to read, but you also don’t want to lose yourself in that. This is the first time since coming here that I’ve started to question whether I’ll qualify to continue in the program next year. This is incredibly depressing, because I’ve never succeeded at anything before.

I don’t mean I’ve never received a good grade, or been successful at things before, but every school program I’ve been in I dropped out. For the first time in my life I want something, like, really want something, so to have someone say, “No, this isn’t good enough” is like saying, “I’m sorry, nobody wants to read your writing style because it doesn’t follow a, b, c and therefore isn’t good”. I refuse to apologize for how I write, and if I don’t make it, well… There is no plan B.

I’ll write until someone listens to me. I’ll keep writing until I can find the other person in the world that will look at my writing and understand what I’m trying to say. There has to be someone out there who will look at my writing and say “She’s worth publishing” there just has to be! Because whatever you do passionately with your whole heart can’t be denied by anyone! Even if they say you can’t do it, prove them wrong! Even if I fail this program, I’m going to be a writer! No one will tell me otherwise, I will write and I will be successful at it!


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Entering the Second Week

So the first week of NaNoWriMo is past and it is now getting into the second week. I would say that I have stalled, but somehow I’m managing to push myself through the stalled mentality and keep up on my daily word counts. Because of this, I broke 32,000 words yesterday! And if I were to really apply myself I could probably get to 50,000 words by the end of the week. However I don’t think that will be the end of this book. I still have so much more story to write and I feel like it will probably end up more around 60-70k words. Will I be able to write that by the end of November? I’m sure I could, we’ll see, but either way I will have a partial draft to upload to NaNoWriMo so I can get my free stuff and then I can purchase Scrivener to fine tune my draft since I only have the 30 day trial right now.

I have had a really hard time writing other things since starting this. Even this blog post was supposed to be written on Friday night and I was like “I don’t wanna do it!!!!!” And so today I said if I didn’t write it I could no longer talk about entering the second week because it would be half over! I remember when I was writing book 1 I took days off where I didn’t write a single word, or only wrote one paragraph and that’s all I could get out, but NaNoWriMo has pushed my limits. Even when I REALLY REALLY don’t want to write I tell myself I HAVE to get at least 1,100 words out. And even if I dick around ALL day, by midnight I usually have like 1,300 words and then I’m proud of myself and I proved to myself that I can do it.

What does this mean? It means that I could probably pound out book 2 and 3 like nobodies business if I could write full time, but I can’t. What I am excited for is finishing book 1 over my Christmas holidays because I will have 3-4 whole weeks to finish editing my last 10 chapters and having proven to myself that I can force myself to work through the stalled periods, I should have NO EXCUSE as to why I can’t finish 10 chapters in 3-4 weeks!! So I’m going to do it and if I don’t do it I’m going to have to come on here and tell everyone why and I’m going to be embarrassed and can feel like a loser.

Anyways, my advice for those of you who ALSO feel like they are stalling in the second week, I encourage you to keep pressing through your stalled moments!! Even if you have to bribe yourself with an hour of TV (I had to do that one day) or with food (Also did that), bribery works!! Tell yourself if you write 300 words you get something for it!! But keep writing my fellow writers, KEEP WRITING!! You can do it, I can do it, and we will do it together!!


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The First Weekend

It is Monday. I am curious to know where everyone stands in their novel writing frenzy! As of midnight last night my friend and I had passed 21,000 words. Yes, that’s correct. Three days, twenty-one THOUSAND words! I would like to point out, this is over and above our other story we are writing, because yes folks, we are STILL writing our other story. Its a bit more slow going, but I’d add several hundred words on top of our daily NaNo word count still.

My goal is to get my daily word count to 1,000 words a day because I am so busy this month with classes, tests, final projects and my friend is coming with her daughter. I am excited, but stressing out like crazy! So the more I can get finished this week, the better I can feel about the rest of the month. I am almost at my goal. I’m sitting at 1,062 words/day to finish on time. Considering I just came from a weekend where I was writing over 6,000 words a day, 1, 000 should be easy!!

So as we are all getting back into our regular routines and trying to keep our word counts up, I say keep on!! Write those words! Get ahead while you can! Then you can pretend like you wrote 50, 000 words while slacking off 🙂


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