The First Weekend

It is Monday. I am curious to know where everyone stands in their novel writing frenzy! As of midnight last night my friend and I had passed 21,000 words. Yes, that’s correct. Three days, twenty-one THOUSAND words! I would like to point out, this is over and above our other story we are writing, because yes folks, we are STILL writing our other story. Its a bit more slow going, but I’d add several hundred words on top of our daily NaNo word count still.

My goal is to get my daily word count to 1,000 words a day because I am so busy this month with classes, tests, final projects and my friend is coming with her daughter. I am excited, but stressing out like crazy! So the more I can get finished this week, the better I can feel about the rest of the month. I am almost at my goal. I’m sitting at 1,062 words/day to finish on time. Considering I just came from a weekend where I was writing over 6,000 words a day, 1, 000 should be easy!!

So as we are all getting back into our regular routines and trying to keep our word counts up, I say keep on!! Write those words! Get ahead while you can! Then you can pretend like you wrote 50, 000 words while slacking off 🙂


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