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It’s My Birthday!

Yes, it is. Happy Birthday to me.

It’s been quiet here, on the blog, on twitter and facebook, everywhere except in my life. When’s it all going to end? Not any time soon at this rate… I was frantically trying to get ready for reading break, finishing assignments and packing to visit my family and then I had a whirlwind vacation filled with appointments and visits with some friends I haven’t even seen since last summer. Far too long to not see each other, I must say. And I can’t forget all the freaking homework I had. Survey’s, papers, proposals, it was never ending.

To top it all off my rabbit died on Valentine’s Day, of all days. I haven’t looked at my book in close to two weeks (I’m going through withdrawls), and still the month is not over. I should be packing for Seattle right now as I will be leaving Thursday after class for Faericon. Which I am excited about, I just have been too busy to actually think about it, let alone plan for it. So this is why no one has been posting. Hopefully once mid-term is over things will settle down some and life can go back to business as usual. Until then, I’ll probably be a shadowy existence online.


P.S. I got a new tattoo last week! It itches like crazy right now, but looks beautiful! It’s the Hyrule and Lorule triforces from the new Legend of Zelda game.


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Six Word Stories

I’ve been reading a lot of six word stories recently and thought I’d try my hand at a few. They are so fun to write!

He kissed me. My heart flew.

My lips left you a poem.

Her hair flew in perpetual storm.

Kill the natives. Celebrate with turkey.

Coffee is my drug. Inject me.

Love is my drug. Break me.

Sex is my drug. Fuck me.

Lusty eyes, ripped clothes, forever changed.

Love me now, break me later.

Good morning douchbag. I hate you.

The end of all things broken.

Death becomes such a lonely heart.

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