Faeriecon West 2014

Yes, it’s true, I went to Faeriecon West last weekend and it was amazing. Be jealous. It was truly a well needed fun respite from all the stress of school and life. I feel refreshed. I am also back on track with school! Mid-term season is over and all my papers and proposals have been written, and handed in. In fact, I have reached the point where I feel like I should be doing homework, but have no homework to do. It’s an odd, but welcome feeling. That being said, I am excited to get back on track with the book.  I have still not re-posted chapter 1-3 and I apologize. I have added a whole new scene to chapter 2 and re-written the whole beginning of chapter 1.

I know I keep saying “it’s done, it’s done” but in re-reading the beginning of the book I realized it’s mostly all narrative. I have nothing against narrative and exposition, but there’s something to be said about showing the reader your character through action and dialogue instead of glazing it over with 1000 words of straight expository telling. I like it a lot more now. The first 3 chapters are pretty much the most important, especially when it’s usually the first 1-3 chapters that get sent to an agent/publisher. It needs to grip the reader right away and keep them going all the way through.

So I’m back to business as usual, toiling away to get the first 3 chapters back up and then it will be back to chapter 33. Here’s some pics of my Faeriecon weekend. I’ve got a day outfit, my good faerie ball and bad faerie ball costumes. I will chat with all you lovelies later 🙂


photo 1 photo 4 photo 5 (3)

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