The End is Nigh, Verily, It is Upon Us!

But seriously, I just handed in a project worth 60% of my grade last night. I have ONE MORE DAY of classes!! Then my first year of university is DONE! I only have 2 final exams! Evidently the last one being on the last possible day which is April 24th, BUT that just gives me plenty of time throughout April to work on my book and to study for the exam 😀 I’m so freaking stoked. You cannot even believe how excited I am! Not just to say I finished my first year of university, but also to say I passed and I survived and I get to spend all summer writing my book and making music with my brother. Ever since I took that first leap of faith I have been stressed out of my mind on certain levels, but on the scale of life I have felt mostly overjoyed! Obviously there are still really bumpy days, but the good things that have been happening have so been worth all the daily living crap.

I haven’t posted in awhile, so I guess this is mostly an update post. I’m in a good mood because I get to work on my book today and I get to play D&D tonight. I guess what I’m trying to say is expect a lot of this !!!!! because it’s just one of those good days. Really, any day I get to work on my book is a good day. In fact, this post is going to be short because I want to go finish the scene I started.

March highlights:

-Bachlorette Partybig

Maybe it wasn’t THAT crazy, but there WAS karaoke 😀

St. Vincent concertNosebleedThis is the most accurate representation of how I felt. This is not a joke.

End of

But hey, I survived, right? I think?




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