On Finishing 1st year, Moving, and Work

I have come through exams and survived.

sick-squid-girl-shinryaku_08_05-11(This may or may not be an exaggeration of actual events)

Currently I am procrastinating my need to pack. I’m moving in with my parents for the summer so I can work before heading back to school in September. I am both excited, sad, and nervous. Excited because a summer at my parents place means I get to spend time with my family for the whole summer! I get to see my brother on a weekly basis, and we can finally start recording some music!

Anime-Music-Cool-HD(not an identical representation of my brother)

I’m sad because it means the summer away from my husband, but having two incomes will help pay off the debt we accumulated while I was in school. Finally I’m nervous because of work. After 8 months, I hope it’s as easy as riding a bicycle.

So, what news doth thou bring? I PASSED!


Yes, that is correct, you are looking at a Writing Major!!449218_1354427741381_300_225


No longer am I the nameless, undeclared reject hiding in the faculty of humanities. Operation weasel way into Fine Arts has been a 100% success!! With an A- no less.Kawapaper_LuckyStar_0000042_1920x

Thank you, yes, thank you, please, feel free to throw roses at my feet…


But seriously, I’ve been happy dancing around my living room calling and texting my family for the last hour.

I move Tuesday, start my first work shift Saturday. I will eat lunch and go pack now. I want to celebrate! This writer is stoked for summer!!


P.S. I’m starting a new project. Hopefully I’ll have details in the next month or two so stay tuned!

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