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I’m coming up to my 4th week of 1st semester of my 2nd year. To say my workload has been hectic would be an understatement. So far I have written and submitted a 5min monologue, submitted my first draft a 6000 word short story, and I’m currently working on the first 5 pages of my stageplay. This is on top of all the readings (did I mention our history teacher started us a week behind), and commuting (3hrs total twice a week). In 3 weeks I have another assignment due, which I need to pick an author (who I’ve never heard of), research them, read a bunch of stuff they’ve wrote, write a 500 word report, and then submit a 3500 word minimum story as a hommage to their writing style. Yay? Not to mention from now on I have 5 pages of my Stageplay due every week, and my history assignments start this week. I’m FINALLY catching up on those readings. 6 more pages and I’ll have last weeks readings done.

And after all that, I don’t want this to be a complain-y post. Since I’m so busy, I haven’t been able to keep this updated at all! When was my last post? I don’t even remember. So I thought I’d share some of my school writing. It’ll be the polished, edited works, so they won’t be often, but they will happen. I got my monologue back last week so I’ll upload that one. The final draft of my first short story is due Nov 4, so I’ll share that one sometime in November when I get it back. And my Stageplay is due in December. So there you have it. One piece of writing a month-ish, for your entertainment. Maybe I’ll share my Sonnet today. It’s the prologue for my stageplay.

Happy Monday, I’ve got a lot of homework still…


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