Writers Block

Is alive and coursing through my system, ravaging the creative spark. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced writers block to this level. I mean, sure, I’ve had days where I couldn’t write, but they usually followed times when I had been writing for long hours over the course of multiple days. I’d take a few days, maybe a week, to regenerate and off I’d go writing again. But this. This is different. It’s been two weeks. And I have tried. I’ve stared at the blank page and told myself even bad writing is a place to start. And off I’d trek. I’d start the story. Then I’d erase it and start again. And I did this, am doing this, over and over to no avail. Nothing I do will make the words come out in coherent order.

So I guess my question is what now? Normally I’d take a serious break. I’d do a little soul searching, maybe focus on something else creative, like art or music. I’d think about my story and properly sort through my thoughts and feelings regarding it. Maybe I’d even try and work on older writing projects, since dealing with characters I’m already familiar with might help get me back into that head space. But I don’t have that luxury. As it stands I’m now 7 days away from school starting, and with it 7 days before I have a 3500 word short story due.

I’ve taken a break. I’ve tried writing, even if it was bad. I’ve walked away, and come back, slept on it; I’ve switched characters, names, locations, POV’s, tenses, and there’s still nothing. I’ve even tried writing not fiction in the hopes of getting the juices flowing. I thought if I couldn’t think of anything, I could write about a real experience, but even that ended in disaster. I know writers block is common and usually happens, sometimes multiple times, to writers, especially those that write a lot. It’s different from the “what if I never think of another story?” because it’s like there is a blank space where my characters should be. It’s a raucous room gone quiet. The door’s locked, and I’ve lost the key.

So what do you do? How do you get over creative blocks? Any suggestions? I’m at a complete loss, and stressing out because I have this looming deadline.


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3 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. You probably won’t like this answer, but I suspect it’s the looming deadline itself that’s causing you to stress out so much that you can’t write… Instead of trying to attack the writer’s block directly, try dealing with the stress. HOW you deal with it depends on what helps you de-stress, of course, but once you relax, the words will come back.

    Sorry I don’t have more specific advice. This is what I tell my own twin, though, when he’s blocked and can’t write (whether the project in question is a novel or a thesis), and it’s the only thing that works when there’s a deadline and he can’t just wait it out.

    • No, that’s good advice. I hadn’t thought to do that, but I will try it. I have this habit of attacking problems head on (my dad’s the same way). My first semester was quite stressful. I think focusing on the root of my stress and the apprehension I feel towards second semester will probably help a lot. Thank you for the insight 🙂

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