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Summer Projects

So, maybe it’s not quite summer yet, but with school over and work season already started, it feels like summer to me. Also, the warm weather and sunshine helps confuse the fact that it’s actually still spring. I have received 1 of my final grades, for my stageplay/screenplay class, and that is an A- (81%) overall. Yay! It makes me happy because those are the two areas I want to continue in 3rd and 4th year (I’m leaning towards stage tbh. I really, really loved it). There’s really nothing better than being successful at the things you’re passionate about, you know? I feel like maybe that bachelor of arts is attainable to someone like me, and it makes me want to try that much harder to reach that goal.

My main goal this summer, as much as I’d love to tackle my book, is to try and finish the one short story I –[actually gave a shit about]– wrote for school this semester. I feel like finishing a book during summer is maybe attainable if I wasn’t really busy with work, and travel, and weddings, and house projects, and… and… and… the list goes on. Maybe if I could disappear for 2-3 months I could finally finish the damn thing, but there’s just WAY too much to do. In light of that, I’m aiming for something much smaller. I know small and me don’t do well together. Usually everything winds up being “so much bigger than I anticipated.” *cough* 1 book into 3 books *cough* But I’ve got 3000-5000 words of space to work with right now (the story is currently 7,000 words). I knew when I started this story that it felt like a 10,000 word story, and I cut a lot out for school because I didn’t want to be THAT person. But the story means a lot to me, and I really want to finish it!

I’m so excited about this story. It deals with body image (something I’ve personally dealt with), and so the topic, I guess, means a lot to me. Learning to accept oneself, and defining yourself by more than your weight, or the clothes you wear, and learning not to compare yourself to others. Anyways, I don’t want to actually spoil anything. I’ve started working on it this weekend–the main, bigger scene I wanted to put in the story that I left out because I didn’t want to hand in such a huge story. (It’s a really great scene, guys; I love it so much). So, wish me luck!

Goal: To successfully finish my first short story.

I can do it!



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The Multi-Year Release Author

This is not a bashing post. I’ve sometimes wondered how author’s can release multiple books a year, one in particular I follow has 4? series simultaneously going on and being released on a yearly basis. That’s at least 4 books/year (although there are also one shots that might add to that), and I don’t mean to compare myself, but everyone does sometimes. I don’t mean that publishing multiple books a year is bad or wrong or makes those books less good, trust me, I have read and loved many a book! It’s just that it got me thinking about myself.

I’m, a year and 6 weeks-ish into writing book 1 and I feel close to being finished, but I’ve felt close for the last 2 months. What’s to say I won’t feel close for the next 6? I wanted to finish it on Christmas break, and then I wanted to finish by the 1yr anniversary, and then my birthday and on and on, but the book will be done when it’s done. I realized a lot of the author’s who publish so many books are one shot authors. They sit down, write the book in one shot and then send it to the editor, but I’m not like that.

I don’t think I could ever be like that. I don’t mean that I can’t sit down and write the book in one shot, because both book 1 and my NaNo book were written in one shot, but the level of personal editing and adding and changing and cutting that I feel the need to do before it’s “perfect” could never allow me to send it to an editor as soon as it’s finished. I miss too much in my rush to finish it. It’s not until I go back again and again that I see everything that could be better about it. I’m not saying those other authors miss stuff for writing it in one shot, I’m just meaning me personally, I miss things. And that’s okay. It’s okay that I don’t finish multiple books a year. It’s okay that it’s taken me this long to slowly poke and prod everything out of book 1.

Ultimately as an author, I need to strive for the level of perfection that suits me, and if I’m a bit insecure and feel the need to take longer to finish a book, that’s okay. I’m still learning what makes a book great, and that’s what I want. I don’t want a good book, I want a great book, so I will keep working until it’s the level of great that I would expect from the author’s I look up to. I want to write the book that people want to read.


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Under Pressure

Not the David Bowie song… Although it seems to be stuck in my head now… Anyways, moving on…

So I have this bad habit of finishing stuff and asking myself “what now?” I’ve been thinking a lot about book 2 recently, and talking with my husband. He’s really great to bounce ideas off of, and I’m starting to think he should have some kind of title for book 2 because most of my really awesome ideas are from talking with him. But the closer I get to finishing book 1 the more pressure I feel for book 2 and I wonder is this a common thing? Do other author’s also feel pressure when they sit down to write book 2? I’ve got about 7000 words of it, and 3 or more pages of notes of things I want to do, could do, or don’t want to forget JUST in case it fits in somewhere. I’m not writing it seriously, because I’m too focused on finishing book 1, but the more I edit book 1 the more I think “Is this good enough?”

Logically I know my story is too big for 1 book, therefore it makes total sense when I think of book 1 as a total whirlwind affair, that Alice gets swept up in. There is obviously character fleshing and development, because any character SHOULD grow with her experiences, but I feel like the real background and serious character development won’t even happen until book 2 because frankly, I just don’t have the space to do it in book 1. Too much other stuff happens in book 1, I don’t have time to do chapter long background stories on every character. And I feel like people want that in book 1, so I’m starting to feel all this pressure to add stuff to book 1 and then make up for everything in book 2 because god forbid my characters should be one dimensional and hated. I know its virtually impossible to please everybody. There are going to be people who give my book 1 star because they didn’t like it for whatever reason, I know this, logically, but that doesn’t mean I won’t sit here and freak out about the possibility that my book doesn’t have enough of something.

I know that’s not true, LOGICALLY. I’m sure I will write the draft for book 2 and it will be similar to book 1, and I’ll read it a whole bunch of times to make sure its sensical and then I’ll re-edit it seriously, line by line to make sure all my grammar, syntax and details are there. Logically I know this, but emotionally I’m still freaking out slightly. So is this normal? I feel like book 2 has to be EVEN BETTER than book 1. I don’t want to be one of those authors who you read the first book and its amazing and then you read the second book and are disappointed. I want the whole story to flow, so that in reality you could read the books one after the other and the story would flow and continue exactly where it left off (to a certain extent) because it is one continuous story and the only reason why I have to separate it into multiple books is because most people find books that are 800 pages to be a little daunting. I’m no Stephen King.

Am I totally off my rocker?


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The Frustrating Parts

Good Morning all,

Sometimes I feel like editing my book is the most tedious thing. In 39 days I had the first draft written, but it’s been 50 days since then and I’ve edited 10 chapters. And I haven’t even reached the higher up chapters that I plan on giving complete and total makeovers! I find editing frustrating sometimes because it never seems good enough. Every time I read it I feel like I should change something and I know that’s common, but it doesn’t make it suck any less. Today I will be reviewing chapters 9 & 10 to make sure the past two days of edits are good enough to leave as is and then I’ll move on, because I’m slowly learning that once you’ve edited something, you can’t go back to it, otherwise you will be there forever.

Something else that’s frustrating is how long it takes to edit. In 3hrs I had 1.5 pages edited. Yesterday I spent 2hrs in the morning and then edited straight from 3-10pm and then again from 12-1:30am and I got somewhere around 7.5 pages (or one and a half chapters to be precise). Sometimes it feels like I’m just re-writing the whole goddamn book, and maybe I am. When I think of my first draft, the story line didn’t even make sense because I was still fleshing out most of the plot and characters. As I wrote, the story changed, so by the time I got to the end of the book the characters themselves contradicted each other. So I guess in a sense I have been re-writing things now that I know people better. And it’s easier to know what they would do… most of the time at least.

I’m excited to finish the book and I guess what is frustrating the most is I can’t just edit for 30min. If I want to edit I need to allot a large block of time because, well frankly if I only got 1.5 pages in 3hrs, I’ll be lucky if I get 2 sentences in 30min and its hard to constantly be interrupted like that. It messes with my train of thoughts and then I get half way through writing something and when I finally get back to it I have no idea what I was trying to say. I know I need to still have a life, but I honestly don’t think I would be upset if 90% of my days were spent on the book and then I had 10% of people time. I know that sounds sooooo bad, but it’s hard having all this stuff locked inside you with no time to get it out.


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Escapist Extraordinaire

I have recently become very good at hiding. Life has been more than a little stressful and busy recently and it’s started to really affect my productivity. I know its not always feasible for me to be able to work constantly on my book, but since it’s what I love to do, but haven’t been able to do I’m starting to get a little depressed about it. I feel tired all the time in my spare time and all I want to do is sit on the couch and eat crappy food to make myself feel better. I haven’t wanted to blog, or write or edit and I feel overcome with this grand lethargy I can’t seem to pull out of.

Despite all this I do still have good news. I am currently in the process of editing chapters 8, 9 & 10, which means I have my final draft up to chapter 7! If I can motivate myself, I will be able to get a preview uploaded somewhere soon. So if you are curious to read what kind of young adult fiction I’ve written, you’ll have to pester me into motivation 😛 I just need TIME!! I always just need more time in a day and more mental energy! I can have an abundance of physical energy, but sit me down to edit and after 2hrs I am drained. There have been a couple nights I’ve fallen asleep sitting on the couch with my keyboard in my lap.

So hopefully if I can get this blog post uploaded I can motivate myself to start posting more regularly again. You might just get a few “I’m posting because I need to get back in the habit of posting” posts 😛 I’ll try and add some humour and pictures or something to make it more interesting at least. I just need to stop hiding. I’ve been hiding for at least two weeks and it’s not healthy.


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Editing, editing and more editing

Draft #2I’ve been busy reading my book and editing. After marking up my first draft to near illegible proportions, I have started on draft #2. With the exception of chapters 1 & 2 this copy is much less marked up which makes me hopeful that I might one day reach a point of contentment. I’m sitting around the 67,500 word range. I know that’s a little short, but I haven’t felt the need to add stuff anywhere to make it longer, so I’ll just keep working on it. I’ve got a little feedback and it’s been very positive! My brother even said he could imagine it being a movie which I found VERY flattering! It’s good reception has given me hope that maybe it’s actually good enough to get published! I just need to find someone to give me a chance and read my manuscript!! Finding that one person willing to read it is the hardest part! For now I’ll wait to see what people think, I’ve sent it to 17 people and have heard from 4 so I’ve got a way to go yet.



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Dead To The World

Editing the first draftI’ve been holed up for the past 12 days. But a lot of good as come of it, mainly my book. I’ve finally completed the first draft. I spent a really long time going through and editing it, and I gotta say there was a lot more pen marks than I thought, but I think it turned out pretty good. I’ve officially sent it off to some of my friends and hope to hear good things back!!

I also went shopping! I scored some pretty kick-ass deals including these awesome red skinny jeans and knee high converse!! It was love at first sight 😀

I hope to be back more regularly again, but life has been pretty hectic! I haven’t decided if I should start book 2 yet or not, but I figure it’ll come into place. Hope all is well with everyone and chat soon!


P.S. I’ve officially got a title for my first book and the series!! I’m pretty stoked!

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Writing a Book

I know this is probably redundant, but writing a book is frikkin’ hard! After writing the first two chapters in 2 days I spent the next 3 editing and rewriting stuff. I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my dialogue, so even the teaser’s I’ve posted have been altered in some way. The past two days I’ve been struggling with 2 things. What is Dawson? And where is this going? When I started writing last week, I just wrote, but after 2 chapters I realized my story actually needed to go somewhere. I don’t know how it’s like for most author’s, but I didn’t have everything laid out and planned in advance. I’m learning about my characters as I write them. It’s fascinating but it’s also challenging.

I had to work all weekend at my regular job and I felt so annoyed because this question kept plaguing me, what is Dawson? So yesterday, even though I was at work, I researched. I spent the last 4 hours at my desk on google searching anything I could think of, name generators, name meanings, random character generators, because even though I know my story is following a basic plot for its genre, I wanted my ideas to be creative and at least somewhat original. And I think I’ve come up with something!

This is an exciting prospect for me! Even though pretty much everything I found was not what I was looking for in my book, it got my brain thinking in the right direction. I was able to lay out all my characters, find names for them, give them a 2 word description, physical attributes and right before my eyes they were no longer writing on paper but a character concept. I even had a basic premise for my story and a mini-storyboard going on. I started writing chapter 3 last night but eventually had to go to bed since I work again today. If I thought I was excited about my story before, it’s nothing compared to my excitement now! Look forward to more excerpts because I’m excited to share my story and my characters with you!


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