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I’m Still Alive

I’m moved. I have the next two weeks vacation, and then I work almost full time for the rest of the summer. I have accomplished a lot of writing in the last week. Not only on my book, but also the book I am writing with my friend. Having two book projects on the go has it made it difficult to finish anything, but as usual everything is trudging along at a decent pace. It will all work out in the end. Recently I read the first 3 chapters of my book and didn’t change one single thing. It makes me hopeful that I’ve finally come to a place where the story is acceptable. Both in it’s pacing, action, romance, and plot. So many things didn’t make sense before, but it feels like finally, FINALLY, things are coming together to some kind of end.

I’ve been meaning to post sooner, but I honestly haven’t had anything to say. So I will leave you here. I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens 🙂


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Tempest in a Teacup is right!

Guess what? As if I wasn’t JUST getting settled in a new city I’m moving AGAIN! And AGAIN it is in the month of June! That’s right, next month I’m moving. My husband got this amazing job opportunity, so we are moving 90 minutes north. I will admit a 90 minute commute to school isn’t ideal, but did I mention it was an AMAZING job opportunity? I mean, we could be home owners by this time next year, it’s THAT amazing. And also the housing prices in that area are so ridiculously cheap it’s actually sickening, and gleefully satisfying to think I could actually own a house. A HOUSE!! You know, with a garage, and a real yard. Grass! I could have my own grass!! And did I mention the garage? So yeah. Moving.

My writing projects have been put on hold AGAIN! I have been working like crazy (they keep calling me! I can’t say no!), and now I have left 3 weeks open in June to move. So, tonight I’m working on my book, and tomorrow I also have time to work on my book, but it looks like my big book writing summer plans have been totally ruined. Between work, and life, and people, and now moving, I’ve hardly had time to look at my book. It saddens me to no end. No, really.

Anime Crying




<– Me.





It’s really depressing. This was supposed to be my summer of writing, and it’s turned into my summer of working, house hunting, and working… lots of working.

In brighter news I got to see my husband this weekend! I don’t get to see him for another 3 weeks now. God help me. I really miss him. But we have been able to make leaps and bounds in our debt repayment since I’ve started working. Woohoo! Lots of cheering! He starts his new job tomorrow. I’m going to work on my book now.


Life is rough
But I’m still breathing
And as long as I’m breathing
I can still fight.
As long as I’m breathing
I’ll see you again.

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On Uprooting Ones Life in Pursuit of a Dream

As previously mentioned, I moved to a new city this summer. In fact, I’m still in the process of moving, but I think the end is finally in sight!! The new apartment is still a mess of unbuilt furniture and boxes to be sorted through, but the old apartment is well on it way to being an empty shell, ready to be vacuumed and scrubbed for the next inhabitants. I have one month of work left before I am 100% moved and ready to start school in pursuit of something bigger.

This experience has been both stressful and exciting. Sometimes I was ready to call it quits and I seriously wondered if this was the right thing that I was doing. I mean, I asked my husband to move his whole life all because I wanted to take a chance at maybe someday making it as an author. I really believe going to school will help with that, not only with becoming a better writer, but learning about language and exploring the world of writing, journalism and publishing in all its various forms.

There are so many paths in the writing world, I hardly even know which one I like best, or if I even have a favourite. I know I’m writing a book series right now, but who’s to say I won’t fall in love with script writing. I mean, I’ve always thought how amazing it would be to write for a favourite tv show, or do a movie script. Hell, I even contemplated writing a script for my book!! I think it would be good practice! And what about journalism? Do you know how many avenues exist in the world of journalism? You can write about any topic!

I’m really hoping school will give me a chance to explore my options, as well as improve and grow as a person and a writer. Because writing is truly what I love, and even if I don’t make thousands of dollars doing it, if I can make enough to pay the bills that would be enough for me! What could be better than waking up every morning and going to a job you love, because in reality, something you love seldom ever feels like actual work. So moving has been an experience, and one I wish not to repeat many times in life.

I hope to be around a bit more during the month of August, but I won’t make too many promises. I still have a lot to accomplish before I’m off work, but I’ll try and post an update at least. And I still remember that I did promise you pictures of the new apartment. I would post some now, but I’m afraid there really are boxes everywhere! Ciao for now


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The Big Update

Good evening my fellow bloggers and readers! I am, surprisingly, still alive and oh boy has a lot happened in the last month. None of that being my book unfortunately. My husband and I have been busy trying to find an apartment in the city I will be attending university at. Normally this isn’t as big a deal, but it takes us about 3hrs to get there with a combination of car, ferry and bus and we’ve had to make a lot of day trips on top of my still working full time. On the bright side we finally found a place, woohoo!! The location is wonderful and we are on the top floor (so no more loud upstairs neighbours) and I am absolutely thrilled with the space! It’s not huge, but it’s two bedrooms and clean on the lower end of our budget and right in the middle between the university, the hospital (where I will hopefully be able to get hired on as a casual employee) and about 10-15min bus ride from downtown! Everything is walking distance, there’s two malls, restaurants, grocery stores. I’m in love.

We put down our security deposit yesterday and our move in date is next Saturday (June 15th) so to say we’ve been frantically packing and cleaning our current place is a bit of an understatement! From the time we found out our application had been approved to the move in date was about 11 days and I work for 6 of those days. After a very large IKEA stop to buy furniture for the apartment (since a lot of the stuff in our current place belongs to my husbands parents and will be staying behind) I am freaking out just a little bit at the grand scale of this move. I suppose I should be glad that everything from IKEA is already packed in boxes and ready to be loaded, but I am having a hard time figuring out how we managed to accumulate so much stuff in the five years we’ve been together. We probably have twenty plus boxes packed and I can hardly tell amidst the chaos that things are missing.

So the basic plan is that my husband is moving on the 15th and I will be staying in our current place until August 31st as I will still be working all summer trying to pay off all this furniture we bought 😛 as well as saving up as much as possible for school as I don’t know how much I will be able to work. This means I get to spend 2.5months alone in an empty apartment. When we first met I was extremely independent and self-sufficient, but after 5yrs of us not being apart for more than a few days I’m freaking out just a little bit. Especially because he cooks and I don’t so much anymore. I think I will miss him a lot and I think it will be lonely. Obviously I will be able to visit on days off and such, but there is a difference when you are living apart. I’m sure the two months will fly by, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself, but it’s still weird to think that in 7 days he won’t be here anymore.

When I come home from work it will be quiet, dinner won’t be cooking, the bedroom will have a twin mattress on the floor, and I will be virtually living out of a suitcase for the remainder of my time here until I can go meet him over there. It got me thinking about Alice and how after she moves she feels lonely and I thought maybe it’ll be good perspective for my book 😛 Gotta find the positive in it somehow, right? Maybe it will also give me more time to work on my book because I won’t have someone to distract me, although Tumblr seems to do a good job of that all by itself. But speaking of my book, I’m going on 3 weeks where I haven’t even been able to look at it and I’m seriously going through withdrawals  I’ve developed a hankering to sit down and read through the first 12 chapters (since that’s as far as I got finished) just so I could “hang out” with my characters a bit. Is that sad? I don’t know, but I miss Alice and Dawson and their quirky disfunctionality and Lainey’s energetic spunk.

I don’t know when I will be able to post again, definitely not until after we move but I’ll try and get on to write a post-move update! Maybe I’ll even be able to post some pictures of our new space once it’s set up a bit. I’m pretty excited about the stuff we found and I think our place will definitely have that “modern-chick” IKEA look 😀 Cheers for now!


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Pausing amidst the chaos

Picture yourself standing on a large rock, waves crashing on every side, and as the raindrops hits your skin it stings you, seeping into your saturated clothing. The wind howls, whipping wet hair into your face, and freezes you right down to your core. The cold is so biting, you start to shiver, teeth shattering as you stand there, on that rock, with no way to escape. Your call for help is swallowed by the screeching wind. This storm does not care if you live or die, this storm would devour you and you can let it. You can let it beat you down until you are a shriveled heap of rotting flesh, food for the animals, fertilizer for the soil, or you can jump in and swim for shore. You might think to swim in such a storm would be certain death, but I would say that death is inevitable and if your going to die, you might as well do it with the kind of fierce ardour that will be remembered. And you want to be remembered. Not as the person who stood on the rock and let nature consume them, but as the person who jumped from the rock, into the crashing waves and swam for shore with everything they had.

Hit pause… I think I’m somewhere between the rock and the shore, they both look to be an equal distance, if I turn around I’ll be stuck on that rock forever, but if I keep pushing forward I might die. Maybe this is a bit melo-dramatic… hahaha, ok, it totally is, but I need to hit the pause button. For some reason life has been a little crazy recently, and I’m sure you can notice from the decrease in my posts from twice a week, to once every two weeks that I just haven’t been able to blog consistently. This is partly due the fact of being busy, and partly because I just haven’t had anything to say. When I was writing every day I had lots to talk about, but now I’m lucky if I can write once a week. My husband and I will also be moving to a new city this summer, we start apartment hunting in a week and a half.

Other things like school starting in September, I am working and saving like crazy for it, and course registration is next month. How does anyone even deal with this stuff, I’ll be applying for a leave from work for this. And have I mentioned how stress negatively affects my ability to be productive? So I’m taking a hiatus from blogging. It won’t be a permanent hiatus, but it might mean that if I only write one blog post every 2-4 weeks, then that’s all I write. Needing to keep up with all my social media outlets for my book has been an added stress  that I haven’t been able to keep up with and I feel bad about it. You can still follow me on twitter or facebook, since I try and post mini updates on there more often, but the blog will be quiet this summer while I restructure my life and get ready for some really big and exciting changes.

My goals are still the same, I still want to have my final draft finished by September, so I’ll try and keep you updated on how that’s going. But for now I need to focus on getting ready for school and moving to a completely different place away from everyone I know. It’s a lot more scary than I anticipated.


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