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The Year of Projects

I’ve got big plans this year. If I can complete half of them I will be thoroughly impressed with myself! My brain is full of creativity. It overflows with ideas from multiple mediums. I knit, draw, paint, write, music, basically if it can be art-ed I have/will try it. The problem with having all that in my head, is when I sit down during my rare free time, I spend more of it figuring out which project I should tackle than actually tackling the project. This could also explain my bits of insomnia I get because I’m always thinking of how I can do/use objects/things in a creative way. And don’t forget I do have homework every week, and I start a new job on Monday.

You would think I would be good at prioritizing which tasks need to be done in order of due date, but my brain doesn’t work like that. I will start something, switch to something else, go back to the first things, switch to something else, go back to the second thing… You can imagine my apartment, filled with unfinished projects (this is why I need a house with a real studio). So far, the only thing I’ve managed to keep up to task on is being involved with my blog. I’m posting regularly, and interacting with the people I follow! (yay!) I’ve still got a lot of knitting to do, which I’ve been slowly plugging away at, and a new painting project I just bought a canvas for on Thursday that I’m super stoked to start as soon as I can decide on the kind of picture.

I’m really interested in dabbling in more impressionist style, and I got some really cool looking shells down at the beach I’d like to incorporate in a sort of mixed media. I was thinking maybe fairy-wings? But if I crushed some of them up maybe they’d make cool stars against the nights sky? But I love the way the sun glows… See where this is going? Never mind the reading I haven’t done in, oh, I don’t know, 2 or 3 months? I read 45 books last year, some of those were a popular comic called The World God Only Knows, but I still find that impressive. It’s a new yearly record for me. Usually I start January all gung-ho, but this year I haven’t looked at a book, let alone picked one up to read. (December was the TV catch up game so I feel fine on that front).

I need a time chart. Some kind of organization regime for my life… as if that could possibly work with the way I obsess when I start a new project, HA! But ANYWAYS, this post is all over the place (apparently like my life) so I’m going to sign off. My husband wants to eat dim sum and that’ll take some time. Homework sounds like a good plan for now, then I’ve got a dishcloth pattern I’ve been hankering to try. It’s so cool, and you end up with a raindrop pattern. Ciao for now ladies and gents!


P.S. I like how this is my author blog and I did not say one single thing about the book collecting dust on my hard drive… I should at least open it probably. That is what got me here after all 😛

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The Multi-Year Release Author

This is not a bashing post. I’ve sometimes wondered how author’s can release multiple books a year, one in particular I follow has 4? series simultaneously going on and being released on a yearly basis. That’s at least 4 books/year (although there are also one shots that might add to that), and I don’t mean to compare myself, but everyone does sometimes. I don’t mean that publishing multiple books a year is bad or wrong or makes those books less good, trust me, I have read and loved many a book! It’s just that it got me thinking about myself.

I’m, a year and 6 weeks-ish into writing book 1 and I feel close to being finished, but I’ve felt close for the last 2 months. What’s to say I won’t feel close for the next 6? I wanted to finish it on Christmas break, and then I wanted to finish by the 1yr anniversary, and then my birthday and on and on, but the book will be done when it’s done. I realized a lot of the author’s who publish so many books are one shot authors. They sit down, write the book in one shot and then send it to the editor, but I’m not like that.

I don’t think I could ever be like that. I don’t mean that I can’t sit down and write the book in one shot, because both book 1 and my NaNo book were written in one shot, but the level of personal editing and adding and changing and cutting that I feel the need to do before it’s “perfect” could never allow me to send it to an editor as soon as it’s finished. I miss too much in my rush to finish it. It’s not until I go back again and again that I see everything that could be better about it. I’m not saying those other authors miss stuff for writing it in one shot, I’m just meaning me personally, I miss things. And that’s okay. It’s okay that I don’t finish multiple books a year. It’s okay that it’s taken me this long to slowly poke and prod everything out of book 1.

Ultimately as an author, I need to strive for the level of perfection that suits me, and if I’m a bit insecure and feel the need to take longer to finish a book, that’s okay. I’m still learning what makes a book great, and that’s what I want. I don’t want a good book, I want a great book, so I will keep working until it’s the level of great that I would expect from the author’s I look up to. I want to write the book that people want to read.


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2nd semester

As school likes to distract, I have made zero progress on my book since this semester started two weeks ago. I have already had to submit a small contest project, write a short essay, a 1000 word short story and I don’t even know how much textbook reading… a lot in any case. I still have one more paper due at the end of the month that I need to go to some list of art-type things to write it. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t even looked at the list, in fact, I don’t even know where it is… Since I have less than 2 weeks to do it I guess I better find it. So there you have my life right now. School, school and more school.

On a happier note I have started reading again! I went through my long list of books and started adding all the books I am now behind on and woah, all of a sudden my to-read list jumped to well over 200 books. So I have started the long journey of hopefully starting my way through some of them. I am sitting at 223 to-read now, and I have two books I’m currently reading. I also ordered 13 books with some of my Christmas money and am excited to have them come in the mail. The only thing missing is to get a library card, as I haven’t gotten one since I moved. I made a long-list of all the series I wanted to read, and then I short-listed them by series I wanted to read first and since that came to over 300$ I had to short-short list into ones I wanted to start most, hahaha.

With my nose back in the young-adult genre, I feel like I’m a little more in the loop with what’s going on again and upcoming books! Now to somehow balance that with school and finishing my book then I will really be set! Chat soon!


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The Author’s Table

I’m meeting Cassie Clare!! I am so excited! Waiting in line really got me thinking though how exciting it would be from an author’s perspective. The thought of all those people standing in line and they are waiting for your book, that would be such an honour! All those people who love your characters and your story as much as you do!! That’s my dream! My dream is to have people who fall in love with my stories 🙂 One day I’m going to be sitting at the author’s table!



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The Iron Daughter – Julie Kagawa

If you haven’t decided to check this series out, I’m telling you right now, GO READ The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa! I’m only on book 2 out of 4, so I can’t really say how it’ll end, but so far I have not been disappointed one bit!

The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2) “Kiss me,” I whispered, and saw his eyebrows arc in surprise. “Just once more,” I pleaded, “And I promise it will be the last time. I’ll be able to forget you after that,” a bald-faced lie.
He hesitated, unsure, and I tried to make my tone light. “Last time, I swear.” I met his gaze and tried for a smile.
Ash still wavered, looking torn. His eyes flicked to the door, and for a moment I thought he would walk away, leaving me to shrivel into a mortified heap. But then he let out a quiet sigh, and his shoulders slumped in resignation.
Meeting my gaze, he took one step forward, drew me into his arms and brushed his lips to mine.
I think our last kiss was meant to be quick and chaste, but after the first touch of his lips fire leaped up and roared through my belly. My fingers yanked him close, digging into his back, and his arms crushed me to him as if wanting to meld us together. I knotted my fingers in his hair and bit down on his bottom lip, making him groan. His lips parted, and my tongue swept in to dance with his. There was nothing sweet or gentle in our last kiss; it was filled with sorrow and desperation, of the bitter knowledge that we could’ve had something perfect, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Seriously, if that doesn’t get the blood boiling, I don’t know what will!! So much gushing over Ash right now!! ❤

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A Little Snippet

This book has gotten really good! I just felt like sharing this little snippet and maybe it’ll pique your interest enough to check the book out

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‎”Oberon was trying to silence Titania, but she would have none of it, turning her anger on him as well as Mab. “And I’d say any contracts they made are officially broken now. This will probably mean war.”
“War?” Something cold touched my cheek, and I glanced up to see snowflakes swirling in a lightning-riddled sky. It was eerily beautiful, and I shivered. “What will happen then?”
Ash stepped closer. His fingers came up to brush the hair from my face, sending an electric shock through me from my spine to my toes. His cool breath tickled my ear as he leaned in.
“I’ll kill you,” he whispered, and walked away, joining his brothers at the table. He did not look back.
I touched the place where his fingers had brushed my skin, giddy and terrified at the same time.”

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Fangirl Gushing

Ok, so I found out yesterday that one of my most favourite author’s is coming to a Chapters near me!! I’m not usually into stuff like this, but I’ve never met an author before and well, to say I fangirl squee’d in Chapters would be an understatement! But what’s the catch?! Well I need to be one of the first 400 people to buy this book on March 19th so I can nab an exclusive wristband and HOPEFULLY a 1st edition copy. I live in a really big city, so it could get ugly people, real ugly! I was going to pre-order the book so I was guaranteed a 1st edition copy since they all come with extra’s and I would be super bummed if I didn’t get one. Is it crazy that I am contemplating buying 2 copies so I can for sure be guaranteed a 1st edition?

Luckily I have that day off work, it’s a Tuesday, so I don’t have to feign sickness *cough* *cough* but I’m contemplating standing in the freezing cold at 4am… actually I’m contemplating going the night before but you can freeze to death up here, so that’s not really logical, he…he…he…. nope. If I can haul my ass out of bed early enough, I have to meet Cassie Clare. So much gushing! I super ❤ The Infernal Devices and can’t wait to see how it ends!

In OTHER news, I started a new book, The Iron King from The Iron Fey series. I had no idea what it was about, but I have come to learn it has to do with the Seelie and Unseelie Court and Queen Mab and Lord Oberon etc. Normally not a huge deal, but my best friend was in this huge production where she played Queen Mab, so I got pretty excited! The story isn’t the same, obvs, but I don’t really care. I’m really enjoying the first book so far. I’ve been book obsessed ever since the new year began. Go figure. It took me 2 months to finish one book, but as soon as January hit it was like my oxygen supply had run out and I needed air!! I’ve read 8 books so far and am on my 9th, I just can’t get enough of these paranormal YA romance novels hahaha. I’ve read my first YA dystopian novel and now I’m back into the fantasy. I think I’m going to really enjoy this year’s book selection! I’m pretty stoked for a bunch of new books coming out in the next few months!

Anyways, It’s about high time I go read! I’ve waited ALL day!!


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