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So maybe I lied…

I really need to stop saying I’ll do posts and then not do them. Let’s face it, I have a hard time being consistent… this is mirrored in my own life, so don’t feel special or anything. I always have really great intentions. I’m working on a fiction piece right now, and by working on it I mean running scared from it. After failing my last assignment I’m not very motivated to get shredded again. But what is life without being torn down? If I was never torn down I’d never be able to build myself up again, right? right?! So, I will post a big life update [eventually], but for now more of my writing will just have to suffice.

Our first assignment was a 3-5 page non-dialogue screenplay. Mine ended up being 2.5 pages. Enjoy 🙂

PDF: Short_Script_1


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Disappointments and Let Downs

You know when things are going really good? And you’re sitting there thinking, man, I know this can’t last forever? Well, that’s what happened. My school funding has been denied. I’ve already been stressed out trying to find money for a commuter car, since 90min commute to school is a money suck in our current vehicle. Our debts are being chipped away very slowly, but now I have tuition costs on top of everything else, AND I won’t be working, so we will be down to 1 income, with rent, bills, car payment, etc… My anxiety has been back in force. My eating habits have been suffering because of it. I keep believing things will work out. They just HAVE TO!! But it’s so hard to see right now.

I managed to JUST BARELY squeak into the 2nd year workshops I wanted to get into. They are really small classes. Fiction is 15 seats, and Screenplay is 8 seats. I’m lucky to have got in at all. And now that I AM in, I don’t even know if I can afford to take them. In light of this I have set up a gofundme page to help cover my first semesters tuition costs. I hate asking people for money. Like, actually, I’d rather skip meals than borrow 10$ for groceries… But this is my dream. And I won’t back down without a fight. So to all the benevolent people in the world. Here is a link to my page:


P.S. I have reward levels! I don’t expect people to just give me money for free 🙂

P.P.S. Did I tell you about the 2nd book I started writing with my friend? I’ll be back to update my Book Musings link soon!

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