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So maybe I lied…

I really need to stop saying I’ll do posts and then not do them. Let’s face it, I have a hard time being consistent… this is mirrored in my own life, so don’t feel special or anything. I always have really great intentions. I’m working on a fiction piece right now, and by working on it I mean running scared from it. After failing my last assignment I’m not very motivated to get shredded again. But what is life without being torn down? If I was never torn down I’d never be able to build myself up again, right? right?! So, I will post a big life update [eventually], but for now more of my writing will just have to suffice.

Our first assignment was a 3-5 page non-dialogue screenplay. Mine ended up being 2.5 pages. Enjoy 🙂

PDF: Short_Script_1


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I’m Around…

I’m just backlogged between work and school. That new job I started is 11hr shifts and now I’m so tired I’m behind on homework… so there’s that. I am also having issues with a prof that I’m trying to sort out since it’s kind of all a big misunderstanding. Long story. I’ll post a big update soon. Hopefully next weekend, because I’ll have 4 solid days to catch up on everything. Until then I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend, and a fabulous week ahead!


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Book Update

I feel like this has been long coming. Recently things have been crazy. I’ve been posting tons of Life posts, but  my writing posts have been sorely lacking. I wish I had really exciting news like “my book is finally done” but, hahaha that’s hilarious, as if my book would actually be finished… Because I’m a perfectionist, and I also want to add two more scenes in the section I’m working on. The good news is I’ve ACTUALLY had time to work on it, and I’ve been making good progress. I know some author’s have talked about how it took them four years to write their first book. I feel like that’s really easy to do. It’s hard, because as a newbie, unpublished author I’m in school full time for 8 months of the year, and the other four months I’m trying to work and save money for the 8 months that I won’t be working. I get to write, but it’s mostly for school. My favourite time is when I can write full time on my book. It’s when I’m happiest. But now look, I’m back to talking about life stuff, and not book stuff!!

So, book is fantastic! My writing improves every day that I write (practice makes perfect and all that jazz). The main reason why my book has been taking so long this summer is because I’ve been busy working on another project at the same time. I said I wanted to spend all summer writing. Be careful what you wish for, because this is happening, but not on what I expected. I have, in fact, started a new book with a friend. Yes that’s right, I’m 20 chapters deep in the first draft of a new novel. It doesn’t have a name yet, but we’ve been calling the story Winter’s Grasp. Definitely multi-book. There is A LOT of story. A lot of plotting. A lot of gushing, swooning, heartbreak, action, you name it. It’s Fantasy/Romance. There’s faeries. A winter prince. Magical humans. My best category would be NA. It’s too racy for YA, but not quite old enough for Adult. So yeah, that’s what took up most of my June, and half of my July.

Writing with someone is different, but I’ve found I LOVE it!! We feed off each other’s energy, and it keeps propelling us forward to write more. I’ll share an excerpt with you from chapter 1. You can let me know what you think. Again, it’s the FIRST draft! So be nice, hahaha. But I’m so in love with the characters ❤ ❤ ❤ I will try and keep you all updated with news!


Funhouse Excerpt:

She turned down one of the rows to her left. A sparkling light flickered in her peripheral vision, and she turned, the Funhouse entrance staring back at her. The steps creaked under her feet as she followed the flickering lights refracting off the mirrors just inside the doorway, beckoning her in.
Strange shadows danced just out of sight, sending chills down her spine. After several lefts, and a few more rights, Alena realized the lights weren’t getting any closer. She turned around to go back and walked into a mirror.
“Great. How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?” she muttered.
Wasn’t there a saying if you follow the inside wall of a maze it will lead you out? Alena pawed the mirrors along one side, and found herself at another dead end. “I could have sworn I went left here before.”
Ogden had definitely sensed some unwelcome magic in the funhouse, and was busy hunting it down when he came across a girl with black hair guiding herself with her hands. Clever trick, he thought. Still, watching her from where she wouldn’t see, he felt certain she was about to fall into some sort of trap.
Alena looked around at her many reflections. Was there… more of them? She tapped against one of the mirrors, retracting her finger when it shocked her. What the…? Was there some kind of electrical wiring back there moving the mirrors?
“This isn’t funny,” she huffed.
Very clever. Ogden could sense the hidden shadows cursing her for what appeared to have been the use of magic. He was sure that was what he’d seen – felt – but she was only human, wasn’t she? He stepped toward her, looking her over with suspicious eyes.
He looked past her at the mirror she’d tapped. Whatever magical trickery had been there was long gone. Her touch had done it, somehow, and by extension probably saved her life.
A tingle went down Alena’s spine. She spun around, squinting into the dark. “Is someone there?” There couldn’t be. She shook her head. “I’m just freaking myself out now.”
Ogden’s voice was low as he stepped into the circle of mirrors she’d wandered into, though he was speaking beyond her to those who were hiding unseen, waiting on their prey. “I see I’m not the only one enjoying this game.”
Alena stepped back, and let out a startled cry. “I thought you were a demon.”
“Oh? And now what do you think I am?” Ogden wondered.

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Update, Chp 1-3 preview

Over the past week I’ve been working really hard to get the first 3 chapters completed! I know I’m really close!! For the first time I have read through everything and not changed a single thing!! I have now sent my 3 completed chapters out for review to 4 people, to garner opinions on completeness. If all goes well I’m hoping to have them posted somewhere public so that people can actually read a preview of my book! This is a seriously exciting concept for me! Yes I feel nervous that people will be able to read and judge, but I certainly didn’t write the thing for it to sit on my shelf and collect dust. I will be moving on to chapters 4-6 this week. Since the book is so long I’m finding it much easier to edit in 3 chapter chunks. I will try and keep my posts to once a week during this time.

Between trying to keep up with people who don’t live on a computer screen, working full time and editing this book my blogger life has really been suffering. I miss coming on here and writing. When I get to the tough stuff I might post a bit more out of pure frustration (sometimes its just hard to find the words). I will let you know as soon as my preview is available though. I think the only thing greater than loving your characters, is when other people also love your characters, lol. I want to make characters that you can love, and that you care about. Characters that, when something good or bad happens, you legitimately feel something for them, whether its happy, sad or angry, I want to be able to evoke that kind of emotion with my writing!

So I’m excited and I hope you’re excited too! Someone needs to be excited with me!!


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